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Contains .1867 oz actual gold weight


Brilliant uncirculated


Purity: .900


Denomination: 20 Francs


Thickness: 1.4mm


Diameter: 21mm


Minted at Bern Mint


Random Year


Minted between 1897 and 1935, The Helvetia Swiss Franc derives its name from the Roman’s victory of Gaul. At the time, the Helvetii were the Swiss tribes in that region. The area was coined “Helvetia” by the Romans accordingly.


The front of the coin features Verena, a Christian Saint who represents Switzerland. The coin is also sometimes called Vreneli coin because of this. In top of the picture of Vernea are the words “Helvetia”

On the back of the coin, is the Swiss Cross in the middle of a shield surrounded by branches. It’s money value and year of production are also stamped below.

Pre 1933 Swiss 20 Francs Helvetia

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