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Contains 1/4 oz of .9999 fine Gold.


Grade: Brilliant Uncirculated.


Denomination: $10


Diameter: 20mm


Designer: Susanna Blunt & Steve Hepburn.


Sovereign coin backed by the Royal Canadian Mint.


These coins are eligible to be included in a Precious Metals IRA.


The 1/4 oz Gyrfalcon Gold Canadian coin is in very short supply. It’s a highly sought after collector’s piece. The front of the coin features Susana Blunt’s design of Queen Elizabeth the II with her famous pearls, the face value of the coin, D.C. Regina, along with Queens Elizabeth’s  name. D.C. Regina is short for “Dei Gratia Regina” which from Latina translates to “By the Grace of God, Queen” 

The reverse side of the coin featuring the Gyrfalcon. Long associated with royalty & regal motifs, the Gyrfalcon is the largest species of Falcons. It’s wings fully extended in flight, one can see the details of the feathers with ease thanks to Steve Hepburn’s design. The Gold Canadian Gyrfalcon coin reverse side also has inscriptions on the bottom and top for year of production, purity and weight. 

Blending Susana Blunt’s and Steve Hepburn’s artistic designs, the Gyrfalcon coin is truly a collector’s piece if you’re lucky enough to acquire one. 


1/4 Oz. Gold Canadian Gyrfalcon Coin

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