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Year: 2020

Contains: 1.25 oz .999 fine Silver.

Grade: Brilliant Uncirculated.


Limited Mintage.


Featuring historic “Rose Crown Shield”


This Silver Rose Crown Guinea 1.25 oz contains .999 Fine Silver. This too is a limited mintage featuring the historic “Rose Crown Shield.”

Commissioned by the East India Company, the treasury and government of St. Helena launched the “Rose Crown Shield.” This was originally issued in 1727. 


Historically, the Guinea is amongst the most respected coins struck for none other than King Charles II. If you take a closer look, the shield is divided into four parts. Each representing the kingdoms of Ireland, Scotland, France and England. 


Both Silver and Rose Crown Guinea’s are eligible to be included in a Precious Metals IRA.  This piece is designed by the talented Raphael Maklouf, popularly known for his designs of Queen Elizabeth II and Commonwealth nations. 

1.25 Oz. Silver Rose Crown Guinea

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